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There are more reasons for permanent hair removal than just looks. I have been doing hair removal on men now for over a decade. It has gone from being something guys would do, but not tell anyone, to something they are proud to shout from the roof tops. The most common reason men have their hair removed is that their partners prefer it. And let’s face it guys, we get hair where we really don’t need it, yet we want our partners to go there.

It’s a bit like hiking through scrub or strolling through a well-manicured garden. Yes, with hiking, you see the view once you get there, but hell it’s hard work, or you can step into that pristine garden and you see the beauty of it unfold straight away. Also, when the scrub is cleared, doesn’t that tree look so much bigger. And guys, even if you do have a large one, you must admit, you still want it to look that bit bigger.

Permanent hair removal is more hygienic, especially if you are a tradie or working in a job where you sweat a lot. Pubic hair retains germs that can cause bad odours and guys, no one wants to go there and pretend that they are enjoying your stink.

After the hair is removed you feel cleaner and more confident. The sensual pleasure is increased because your bodies are skin to skin. The sensation of that connection is incredible. Having your hair removed gives you the freedom knowing that your body is clean, and your partner will appreciate you that little bit more for it.

At Core Benefits, we have the latest technology in IPL / SHR permanent hair removal. Having this technology has now made hair removal fast and pain free. We also guarantee results, (t & c’s apply), and to our knowledge, no one else offers this assurance.

So, guy’s, book in today, It will be the best surprise for your partner and maybe in return, you might just get a little something back.

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