Tackle your acne problem

Suffering From Acne?

Suffering from acne? It is very common in some adults and adolescents, so there is no need to be ashamed. You are looking for the best solution that is pain-free, Proceed with no drugs and no downtime? Sounds amazing, right? Well, with the latest technology, now it is achievable. Know people are aware of how to tackle the acne problem to have beautiful skin and look amazing. IPL treatment is a safe treatment, In this process bacteria causing acne are destroyed using Ultraviolet light. This light sends pulses into your skin and results in killing acne bacteria.

IPL treatment is the best method to get rid of teenage acne. You can’t even plan for acne because teenage acne appears unexpectedly. Acne problems are because of the changes in hormones throughout puberty. A substance called sebum created when the skin is subjected to hormone changes. This substance blocks pores and hair follicles of the skin. Furthermore, this leads to the development of spots and painful bumps on the skin.

Fast Lunchtime treatment

Why Use IPL Acne Treatments?

- It is a gentle treatment that addresses pigmentation and acne bacteria. Furthermore, redness of the skin can be treated using IPL treatment.

- There is no downtime with fast lunchtime treatment and there are fewer side effects associated with this treatment as compared to oral medication.

- With just a few treatments, gain your confidence back and significantly improve the skin appearance.

Laser IPL Acne Treatment PRICE LIST

Laser IPL Acne Treatment Toowoomba

Skin Treatment - Laser IPL Acne Treatments Price
Teenage Adolescent Laser IPL Acne Treatment $29 $89
Full Face Laser IPL Acne Treatment $89
Half Face Laser IPL Acne Treatment $59
Forehead Laser IPL Acne Treatment $59
Cheeks Laser IPL Acne Treatment $59
Nose Laser IPL Acne Treatment $59
Chin IPL Acne Treatment $59
Neck IPL Acne Treatment $59
Shoulders and Back IPL Acne Treatment $89