Custom Treatments for different issues.

Ultrasonic Cavitation Massage

Ultrasonic therapy has been used as a non-invasive technique to treat a wide variety of conditions. Deeper than any massage for muscle recovery, lymphatic drainage, ED treatment, circulation treatment, fluid reduction and arthritis treatment.

What Is It?

The best way to describe ultrasonic therapy is by simply thinking of ultrasonic waves that clean deep into the body. A handheld cavitation head is placed on the problem area. The cavitation head sends waves through the skin and into the body. These waves cause the underlying tissue to vibrate, which can have a variety of benefits which we will look at below.

In general, ultrasonic therapy sessions are custom to treat different issues. This simply involves applying and rubbing the cavitation head around the affected area.


The waves sent through the body have several broadly applicable benefits, making ultrasonic therapy suitable for a wide range of issues. As well as heating and relaxing the muscles, ultrasonic therapy breaks down scar tissue and increases local blood flow. All of this combines to increase healing rates in the area, making it a suitable way to speed up slow-healing or chronic issues. We now think that it can also encourage the repair of damaged bones. More recently, it has been used to reduce pain from conditions such as osteoporosis and arthritis.

What Is It Used For?

Since the benefits of ultrasound are so broad, it can be used for a huge range of issues. However, it is usually reserved for problems with swollen muscles, particularly when time is a factor in the recovery.

The heating and relaxing benefits help to alleviate muscle pain, while the increased blood flow to the affected area will mean that more lymph passes through. Lymph is a clear fluid that carries white blood cells throughout our body, which fights infection, encourages healing, and removes excess fluid. These three factors combined make it a very effective way to treat swelling and inflammation, not only of the muscles, but also of the joints and ligaments. Issues such as tendonitis, not-acute joint swelling, and chronic inflammation are some of the most commonly treated issues.

What Are The Risks?

Ultrasound therapy is a very low-risk, non-invasive procedure. That being said, there are times when it is unsuitable to use.
- Pacemaker
- Metal implants
- Pregnancy
- Children

How does it works?

Ultrasonic Wave Therapy is transforming ED treatment.

For an erection to arise, the blood needs to enter the open arteries in the penis faster than it disappears. As we mature, the blood vessels supplying blood to the penis begin to harden and close up. This can be caused by stress, circulation problems and a range of other issues. However, this isn’t something you need to merely accept. With ultrasonic massage Therapy, these blood vessels can be stimulated to help revitalize your erectile tissue and bring new vitality. Ultrasonic Wave Therapy is delivered in a series of painless and sessions and is completely drug-free, needle-free and surgery-free.

This exciting process utilizes pulsating acoustical sound waves to treat the underlying cause of vascular ED – poor blood flow. These acoustic waves are carefully regulated for maximum effectiveness and delivered to the penis and surrounding area. The body triggers a natural healing response that opens existing blood vessels and encourages the creation of new blood vessels. Treatment results in erections that are firmer, last longer and are easier to achieve. This process also stimulates the nerve endings, meaning men report orgasms that are more pleasurable due to the increased sensitivity. Research suggests that it may also “wake up” dormant stem cells and growth factors in the penis.

Totally Non-Invasive

The benefits of ultrasonic Wave Therapy for ED

Ultrasonic Wave Therapy is gaining in recognition because it is totally non-invasive, and involves no needles or medications. It is safe, and has been used in Europe for more than a decade. ultrasonic waves have actually been used to treat heart and kidney conditions for years. There are several successful research studies showing that sound waves are the future of ED therapy. Patients have reported a host of beneficial effects, including:

- Enhanced sexual performance

- Erections that occur more spontaneously

- Harder, stronger erections

- Better orgasm and general satisfaction

- Heightened stimulation