Remedial Massage is often referred to as a "medical Massage"

Remedial Massage Toowoomba

Remedial massage is often referred to as a "medical massage". It employs several soft tissue methods in order to identify and stimulate the cure of the problem. It doesn't use many relaxing techniques instead, it uses bodywork procedures, muscle manipulation, and fascia release.

Core Benefits Toowoomba offers remedial massage to help you heal from injuries and chronic pain. Tracing a pattern for the injury and finding the source of discomfort is the objective of remedial massage so we can relieve your pain. Remedial massage sees a bigger picture and, as a result, can aid in the prevention of future occurrences by assisting in the healing process.

Remedial massage helps to recognize your issues

Remedial Massage At Core Benefits Toowoomba – What Can It Treat?

Although most people come for a remedial massage following an accident, the majority of their injuries' pains stem from years ago or even before. Muscle imbalances, incorrect usage of muscles, inactivity of core muscles, bad posture, and/or overuse of particular muscle tissues are all common causes of muscle strain injury, muscle tear, back problem, etc. Remedial massage helps to recognize these issues. In fact, it is often the case that it is necessary to first calm the inflammatory symptoms before proceeding with structural changes and soft tissue treatments. Because of that, the brain will be better equipped to adapt and form new muscle memory, preventing future injuries.

The most common conditions that remedial massage at Core Benefits Toowoomba can help with are:

- Lower back pain

- Shoulder pain

- Neck stiffness

- Hip problems

- Repetitive strain injury

- Psoas and groin pain

- Sciatica

- Ankle or knee pain

Remedial massage therapy can correct misaligned joints

Remedial Massage For Back Pain

The majority of back discomfort is due to our fast-paced modern lifestyle and routines. Extra hours at the computer or in the car can strain muscles and lead to imbalances that make them more vulnerable to injury. A single, strong jerk or twist can produce an intense agony. A sudden injury, such as a sprain, strain, or pulled muscle, can frequently shift a joint out of alignment. Remedial massage therapy can correct misaligned joints by stretching and relaxing the shortened muscles and fascia. It's also efficient in reducing pain and spasm by soothing away tension. By increasing the flow of oxygen and nutrients into a strained back area, remedial massage takes an active part in the healing process. Injured muscles and ligaments are then able to function normally. Remedial Massage Core Benefits Toowoomba also aids flexibility, enabling you to enjoy an increased range of movement and making it less likely you will suffer from the injury again. 

It will all helps to release structures connected with the injury

What To Expect?

During the treatment, your massage therapist will work with you to try and identify the source of pain. There are many techniques that can help to free up the area of problem and they often include movement, stretch, or breathing. Your therapist can ask you to move in a certain way or stretch whilst pressing trigger points. It all helps to release structures connected with the injury.

Although some of the techniques can be a bit uncomfortable, most people describe it as a “good pain”. The relief is often instant and the range of movement increases rapidly. It is always recommended to work beyond the area of pain and ideally, at Core Benefits Toowoomba, we like to treat the whole body. This is due to the structure of the fascia and other connective tissues which work as a unity.

Your massage therapist at Core Benefits Toowoomba Grooming Massage & Wellness will also prepare a treatment plan and give you home care advice to maximise the benefits of the massage and speed up your recovery. It is important to know that at Core Benefits Toowoomba our massage techniques are different to most run of the mill massage clinics. Most people need 2-3 massage sessions in a short amount of time to create a change in the body, followed by a regular monthly maintenance massage to keep reinforcing the change whilst keeping up with all the daily tasks.

Don’t believe a remedial massage is a one-off treat, a luxury, or a bonus for a hard week. Regular massage truly elevates your daily life, ironing out the rough spots to help you be the very best you can be and making it so much easier for you to deal with those curve balls that life deals.To book your remedial massage treatment Core Benefits Toowoomba, call 0488 175 308 or Book online. We can't wait to help you!

Remedial Massage Price List

Remedial Massage

30 Minute Remedial Massage $60.00
45 Minute Remedial Massage $80.00
60 Minute Remedial Massage $100.00
75 Minute Remedial Massage - Most Popular $120.00
90 Minute Remedial Massage $160.00
120 Minute Remedial Massage $200.00
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