Men's Body Waxing

Waxing is one of the most effective methods of unwanted hair removal with an improved more attractive appearance that your other half will appreciate. Male waxing benefits include the improvement of muscle definition, the prevention of razor burn and replaces hard stubble regrowth with finer, smoother hair giving you suave skin for much longer. It can also help to improve the performance of athletes and swimmers, as well as your performance in the bedroom by making you appear more enhanced and increasing sensitivity during those times of passion.

Constructed just for men

Dare To Satisfy Yourself

Male body waxing in Toowoomba is not carried out by many therapists as it is a female dominated industry. Many men are not comfortable with entering this female domain which is why Core Benefits Toowoomba is set up in particular for the men.

I never reuse wax or spatulas and I make sure that my equipment is clean, so you can feel confident that you only receive top quality products.

Waxing does not hurt as much as what people make out if done properly and the small bit of pain you feel fades very quickly. The best way to describe it is like having a small slap with a ruler.

Heighten sensitivity

Male Brazilian Waxing

Core Benefits Toowoomba are experts in male waxing and we offer the best male intimate waxing treatments in Toowoomba. We ensure the highest standard is provided to our clients. You and your partner will enjoy the heighten sensitivity.

Men's body waxing Price List

Men's Waxing Toowoomba Massage

Men's Waxing Price
Men's Basic Bikini Wax $49
Men's 2X Brazilian Wax (front only) $69
Men's 3X Brazilian Wax (includes bum and crack) * Most Popular $79
Men's 4X Brazilian Wax (includes bum and crack) $89
Men's Shaft Wax $22
Men's Sack Wax $33
Men's Bum & Crack Wax $49
Men's Crack Wax $43
Men's Bum Wax (cheeks only) $17
Men's Back, Bum & Crack Wax $88
Men's Back, Bum, Crack & Sack Wax *Most Popular $109
Men's Back, Bum, Crack & Brazilian Wax $115
Men's Chest, Abs and Brazilian $115
Men's Torso and Brazilian Wax (Includes 3X or 4X Brazilian) $157
Torso Wax $124
Full Back Wax $69
Upper Back Wax $49
Lower Back Wax $39
Chest & Abs Wax $79
Chest Wax $49
Ab Wax $49
Men's Neck Wax $19
Full Arm Wax $79
Half Arm Wax $49
Under Arms Wax $28
Full Leg Wax $89
Half Leg Wax $49
Under Arms Wax $28
Full Leg Wax $89
Half Leg Wax $49
Feet Wax $19
Eyebrow, Nose and Ear Wax Trio $59
Eyebrow Wax $29
Nose Wax $19
Ears Wax $19
Head Wax $99
Full Body Wax (excluding arms | back or chest and abs) $198
Full Body Wax (excluding arms) $229
Full Body Wax (including arms) $259