Summer begins with a tan

Spray Tanning

At Core benefits Toowoomba, by spray tanning, we capture what Australia is all about, summer and being tanned for all of our great seasons. We also love to bring that incredible natural young tradies skin colour to you every day even in the other season. We use the amazing MineTan spray tan, which is Australian own.

The added benefit of spray tanning, is the protection factor you get from not being out in the sun, sun baking. At Core Benefits, we bring you the best of both worlds, having a spray tan, and getting out in the UV rays of the sun.

Spray Tanning Benefits for men at Core Benefits Toowoomba

Benefits Of Spray Tanning

At Core Benefits Toowoomba we offer spray tanning for men and women. We are all about your spray tan being natural-looking. We want you to look like yourself only a little bit darker and more even.

- Natural Looking Tan Colour Is Selected For Your Skin Tone.

- No orange tones

- No Fake Tan Smells

- Fast Developing

- Wears Off Even

- Long-Lasting

- Confidence and Self-Assurance in Your Body.

- Feel Slimmer and More Toned

- Camouflage Small Imperfections and Scars

- Keeps Your Body's Skin Nourished

- Enhances Your Skin Appearance.

Free of parabens, contains 100% natural DHA and is vegan friendly


To offer you not just a tan but also a unique skin therapy experience, MineTan formulation is based on a pure blend of antioxidant-rich botanicals, hydrating natural oils, 100% natural tanning actives and other skin loving ingredients. Parabens are absent from the items, and they are all vegan-friendly.

- 100% vegan & cruelty-free

- 100% natural DHA

- Paraben, palm oil, mineral oil & sulfate-free

- Recycled materials

- Sustainably sourced


Spray Tanning Toowoomba

Spray Tans Price
Spray Tan $40
Body Exfoliation and Spray Tan $120