Different Treatments Designed to heal.

Massage Styles At Core Benefits Toowoomba

Massage treatments in Toowoomba are often so standard, you know, the "same same", but this is not the case at Core Benefits. We are not your run of the mill massage clinic. Every massage we do at Core Benefits, we put 110% into. Making sure you leave better than when you come.

To say the least, it feels just f!%k!n incredible

Core Benefits Signature Lomi Lomi Inspired Massage.

Core Benefits signature, Lomi Lomi inspired massage, is a full body massage that is like no other in Toowoomba. This is a gentle but also a deep flowing massage, with long full strokes from the top of your head to the tips your toes. It’s a very flowing, smooth, sensational touch…

Full body massage, calming the body and soul

Therapeutic Massage

A therapeutic massage at Core Benefits Toowoomba is worlds apart from others. It is a gentle massage but deep, smooth flowing at the same time. Our massage is done with long strokes designed to relax your whole body…

Massage Treatments For Before and After Games & Sessions

Sports Massage

Massage improves the sporting performance, prolongs recipient ability to take part in all modes of activity rehabilitate and treat the existing injuries Lessen the likelihood of injury.

Massage is not a luxury, it’s a way to a healthier, happier, life…

Remedial Massage

Don’t believe massage is a one-off treat, a luxury, or a bonus for a hard week. Regular massage truly elevates your daily life, ironing out the rough spots.

Hydrate, nourish and exfoliate your skin

Exfoliation Massage

A body scrub massage is great to hydrate, nourish and exfoliate your skin. Removing dead skin cells and dirt gives you a fresher and younger look.

Also known as western acupuncture

Dry Needling

Dry needling, sometimes referred to as ‘clinical or Western acupuncture,’ is an invasive method whereby acupuncture needles are applied through the skin and into tissues below.