Also helps to stimulate skin collagen

Suffering From Skin Discoloration

Suffering from a discoloration skin problem, sunspots, or broken capillaries? The visibility of dark spots that are associated with sun damage and aging can be treated using the laser IPL pigmentation removal service. Furthermore, IPL treatment can help to make your skin brighter.

To remove skin aging changes, IPL flashes light on the affected area. This process will remove or break up the brown pigment and also helps to stimulate skin collagen production. So, that you have skin with fewer wrinkles and look younger. This treatment is invasive, with no downtime. We recommend three to four treatments for better results. But it also depends on the skin condition. With the help of this process, the brown spots on the skin will firstly darken and after that, they will gradually peel and flake off. After the process clearer skin will reveal and the skin appearance will continue to improve after the treatment.

effective and perfect for younger men

Who Should You Try IPL?

This treatment is very effective and perfect for younger men who are seeing early pigmentation, uneven tone or minor wrinkling. Furthermore, the treatment is very suitable for those who don’t need or want an intensive resurfacing treatment. Definitely, it is necessary to get a correct diagnosis before getting the treatment from a doctor.

What are the benefits of Using IPL pigment removal?

- The treatment is very effective to eliminate or minimize the appearance of pigmentation, age spots, sunspots, and freckles.

- Effectively and quickly solve the skin discoloration problem.

- Refresh sun-damaged skin.

- IPL can treat hands, face, and décolletage.

- Treatment produces long-lasting results and Improve the skin appearance and skin looks younger.

How does this IPL treatment work?

Short pulses of light are released, and the treated area absorbs these. This rapid absorption of light energy produces heat and causes the destruction of melanin-rich cells.

Men's Pigmentation Laser IPL Removal PRICE LIST.

Men's Pigmentation Removal Toowoomba

Laser IPL Pigmentation Removal Price
Pigmentation Removal Forehead $50
Pigmentation Removal Cheeks $65
Pigmentation Removal Nose $35
Pigmentation Removal Chin $35
Pigmentation Removal Neck $75
Pigmentation Removal Half Face $70
Pigmentation Removal Full Face $150
Pigmentation Removal Décolletage $150
Pigmentation Removal Full Face, Neck and Décolletage $325
Pigmentation Removal Lower Arms (including hands) $120
Pigmentation Removal Full Arms $180
Pigmentation Removal Hands $50
Pigmentation Removal Upper Back $150
Pigmentation Removal Lower Back $150
Pigmentation Removal Full Back $210
Multi Spot Treatments = A5 Area $80