Eliminate inches and achieve instant fat loss

Body Contouring

Can’t get rid of those stubborn problem areas and you’re working harder to lose the weight or even cellulite, well you’re not stuck with them forever you can now book in for Body Contouring Fat Cavitation. Which will help eliminate inches and achieve instant fat loss or smooth that cellulite out.

Body Contouring Fat Cavitation doesn’t require any surgical procedures and no downtime, the treatment is a high frequency sound wave that breaks down the fat cells into a liquid while leaving the surrounding tissues intact without causing the body any trauma, you shouldn’t experience any discomfort in the treatment or after the treatment.

You May See Results Straight Away

No Down Time

Depending on the person you may see results straight away after the first treatment or it can take a few days before you see any difference, you may need six to ten treatments to achieve your goal it all depends on the person, as each individual is different.

Body Contouring Price List.

Body Contouring Toowoomba

Contouring Area Price
Consultation FREE
Abdomen Contouring $123
Love Handles Contouring $123
Abdomen and Love Handles Contouring $173
Abdomen and Pelvis Contouring $148
Abdomen, Love Handles and Pelvis Contouring $198
Upper Back Contouring $99
Butt Contouring $99
Butt and Thigh Contouring $173
Thigh Contouring (inner and outer) $142
Knees Contouring $123
Upper Arm Contouring $123