Hair Removal

Hair removal is an effective method used to remove unwanted hair from the body including, the neck, face, ears, chest, underarms, back legs, bikini, or any other parts of the body. Unwanted hairs are unattractive and need a lot of time to shave, wax, or remove chemically. However, with the laser hair removal method by an expert practitioner, unwanted hair can be removed effectively and safely. As, with the help of laser hair removal, follicle destroys permanently, so hair cannot regrow. But because of the natural growth cycle of hair, it may take several treatment sessions to completely remove hair from your given area of the body.

At core benefits, we use an effective laser hair removal method. So, whether you looking for a small area or a large area of hair removal, we have the best laser hair removal solution for you. We offer a wide range of hair removal services including IPL, SHR, Men’s body waxing, and men’s Brazilian waxing for long-lasting and smooth results. We use effective methods for hair removal with significant results.

IPL Super Hair Reduction

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) uses technology to remove unwanted hair from your body. Think how if you have to never shave your underarms or legs again? IPL is equally suitable for both women and men. Now, with this technology, unwanted hair can be easily removed from any part of your body. We can also use this technology for treating skin damage as well. Sun and acne damage can be treated easily. There is NO recovery period for treatment, as it is noninvasive by nature. After hair removal treatment, anyone may resume immediately normal activities.

The technology uses a handheld, high-powered, visible, broad-spectrum pulse of light and a controlled flashgun. The visible spectral range is 400 to 1200 nm. IPL uses light to heat and destroy targeted hair. It uses cooling for protecting the skin. The overall process is painless and fast for hair removal.

IPL Super Hair Reduction

Super fast, painless and permanent

Super Hair Removal

The Super Hair Removal (SHR) offers a one-stop and effective solution for hair reduction. SHR is an advanced technology that heats the targeted area up to a specific level and resulting in damages to the hair follicles. The technology also prevents regrowth of hair and avoids surrounding tissue from injury.

SHR gradually heats the skin by a specific technique (sliding or in motion) to achieve required the amount of energy for hair removal. The SHR is very advanced technology and unnecessary wavelengths are filers out. This makes treatment painless and comfortable. In most people’s opinion, it feels like a warm massage or warm shave.

This hair removal method is safe and effective for both darker and lighter skins. With this technology, we can easily treat all hair types. However, it requires more treatments for lighter hairs. Visible results depend on multiple factors including hair type, skin type, hair cycle, and hormones.

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Show your maximum potential

Despite several misconceptions, waxing turning more popular for men. Some men prefer waxing for their sport (bodybuilders, swimmers, and wrestlers). Some men like waxing for smooth esthetic. As waxing is better than shaving. One of the most reasons is lasting results for many weeks.

We are a professional man waxing service provider. Our services aim to elevate grooming standards to men in a professional and comfortable setting.

Core benefits offer professional male waxing in Toowoomba. Providing highly professional and standard services to our clients is our top priority.

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It will look bigger

A Brazilian wax is the best way to increase the sensation and feel fresh. With unique methods and approaches, we are the original pioneer of waxing in Toowoomba. We love the way we do waxing and love taking care of you during the waxing process. Whether you have visited other waxers or new to waxing core benefits is something you are looking for.

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