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Men Experience Stress Every Day!

Stress is a commonly known word that men experience every day. Although men may not know the full extent of what stress can do to them, they should. Stress is responsible for men being sick more often than not and can lead to an earlier death than women from heart disease or cancer .

Stress is caused by many things including relationships, work, money, pressure, change, times of uncertainty. It is this I want to talk about, 'uncertainty', because hell, running a business and trying to juggle everything during all the covid has my anxiety through the roof, and many others as well.


What is the difference between men's and women's stress?

Men report their stress to be more work and relationship-related than women. Work and relationships are common men's stressors because they feel it is inappropriate to say they have problems with money, business, or health since men typically focus on their careers.

Women also perceive themselves as stressed more often than men do, but men are more likely to admit they are stressed than women. It is unlikely men feel less stress than women because men typically deny having problems with their work, relationships, or money so they hide what may be causing them stress.

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How does stress affect men's health?

Men's health is compromised in many ways when experiencing high amounts of stress and can lead to the increased likelihood to lead to blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes, and vulnerability to infections. This is the tip of the iceberg, more study is being published on the effects of stress and anxiety, which is helping us to understand that stress may be more dangerous than previously assumed, particularly for heart health. How it affects your relationship with your partner, and how stress influences other parts of your physical and mental capacity, is sometimes perplexing.

If men are unaware of the effects their stress has on their health, they never will know how to deal with it in a healthy way. The best men can do is try to lessen the impact that situations or events in their life have on them. It may seem simple enough task, and just by doing this, men will be able to live healthier happier lives. But to be able to do this, as men, we need to learn to take time out for ourselves and reset. It is impossible to do something else when both your hands are already full. And the problem is, you can’t hear it, you can’t see it, you can’t taste it, However, despite the fact that stress has been linked to a variety of negative health problems in men, it is generally accepted that it significantly influences their well-being and men do nothing.

So lets not compromise our health any longer and start taking that time that we need to enjoy a long, healthy, happy life.

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