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4 essential products during lock-down – Beard oil, Shampoo, face Cleanser, face moisturizer.

Let’s face it - at some stage, we will probably be in isolation at some time in the near future, with the virus. With everything that is happening in the world, if we were to become sick, we aren’t going to want to do much at all. However, when becoming sick comes dehydration, dry skin and soon all the hard work you have put into your hair and skincare is out the window.

We thought we’d give you what we think are the top 4 most easy-to-use and basic but effective “ISO” products, to make sure you don’t fall behind in your skin and hair care routine.

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Hydrating Shampoo –

Your hair absorbs just as much moisture as your skin, and it uses it to reduce your hair from going brittle and dry. While shampoo does clean your scalp Hydrating shampoo will help put the moisture back into your hair and help the hair from going dry.

beard oil for men

Beard Oil -

For all the 55% of men that have facial hair in the world a good 50% of those take pride in their beard (or you have just decided to grow it out because ……. Well, *cough* covid) and when it is brittle and wiry is when it is most annoying. Beard oil will soften and nourish your beard and/or mustache. This takes bugger all time to do, just use 2-3 drops and rub it through your beard ... done!

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Daily Skin Cleanser -

Your skin and pores always take a hit when it comes to any sickness. While our bodies will the drained of their moisture predominantly your face will be the worst as we have so many sinuses’, glands, and lymph nodes in that area as we are constantly touching our faces. Gentle Cleansing of the face will help drain your sinus’ while cleaning your face, making it feel fresher. Cleansing is best done in the shower as the steam helps.

Men's face moisturizer

Daily Face Moisturiser-

Since COVID by now has probably taken your sense of smell, taste, you may have sweated out any liquids you have drunk. Your skin has now had every bit of life sucked out of it because it is trying to fight the virus and get better. We need to keep up the moisture on your face so you don’t look so lifeless. Keeping your skin clean and moist makes you feel better as it keeps any dry or oily skin at bay. Moisturise the shit out of your face during these times as it needs all the tender loving care you can give it. 


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