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Waxing is for Poofs - But There's A Good Reason 90% Of My Clients Are - Core Benefits Toowoomba

"Waxing is for Poofs!"

So often, guys joke that "waxing is for poofs," but after 17 years of providing men's waxing and laser services, I can tell you with confidence that the overwhelming majority (90% +) of my clients are straight dudes who care about how they appear and feel to their partner, as well as themselves. Among the greatest benefits of removing body hair is its ability to increase hygiene, hence why its popularity among tradies, truck drivers, and FIFO workers has skyrocketed! Nowhere are the hygiene benefits more apparent than in your butt, crack, and pubic region since hair can trap bacteria that produce unpleasant odours - that even after bathing, don't completely disappear.


Regularly removing hair from key areas ensures that they remain clean and tidy, which is why the "back, bum, crack and sack" waxing combo service is so popular at Core Benefits Toowoomba. By taking advantage of this service you can maintain a hygienic environment "down there", which, well, you know, is more inviting for your partner to maybe go, you know, "down there", and f#*k, on top of that, it looks bigger, and what man, even if you have the size, doesn't want an extra inch!


But waxing hurts!

OMG people, yes, we're pulling out hair, so it is going to hurt somewhat, but it doesn't hurt anywhere near as much as you may think. The fact is, the small amount of pain you feel for a second fades so fast and you are left with smooth skin, free of odour-holding butt and body hair. So that quick pull on the wax strip is more than worth the f&#k moment.


What can you have waxed?

Pretty simple, if there is hair there, it can be waxed, however, when it comes to laser, we can do everything other than the inside of your ears, and inside of your nose. As mentioned above, back, bum, crack, and sack is our most popular wax, next is Brazilian, and then back for the body. As for the face we do a massive amount of our trio waxing, which includes eyebrows, nose, and ears.


What you get waxed is such a personal preference and also depends on where you grow hair and if you like it there or not. Some men like their "John Howard" eyebrows, to me no to "John Howard" eyebrows, but your look is up to you and you like them like that, sweat as. We're happy to advise what we might think is best but the decision of what stays and what goes is ultimately up to you.


What if you get a boner?

Even when you might not want it to, the body does what it does, so there is no reason to overthink it. Unlike other waxing and laser places, where a therapist may see a woody happening and think it is some sort of a "crack on", the therapists at Core Benefits are mature and respectful and know that this is usually an involuntary response. We will never worry about your boner if you get one, and in fact, it actually makes it earlier for us to wax.


If you are looking for a wax somewhere other than Core Benefits Toowoomba, this is a good subject to ask about, even keeping the question direct "what if I get an erection? I'm sorry but I am worried about it and don't want to be embarrassed". If it is a business that offers men's brazilians and you think "he" might stand up, their answer will be a very good indication of the therapist's attitude, maturity, respect, and waxing or laser experience. In my opinion, if someone has any reservations or discomfort about carrying out a service, they should not provide it.


men's brazilian wax near me toowoomba


What do I do to prepare for my wax?

This is pretty simple, your hair needs to be AT LEAST 5mm long, please DO NOT trim before as more often than guys trim too short and we need to go over the area more than once, which is not ideal.

Exfoliate your skin. By exfoliating, you remove the dead skin cells and it allows the wax to adhere to the hair better, making it more effective.

Directly before you come for a wax, have a shower and make sure your skin is clean, if you are not coming from home, at Core Benefits Toowoomba we have shower facility's in the treatment room.


What is the best aftercare for waxing?

Keep your skin clean.

Exfoliate every couple of days. It is best to find your exfoliation sweet spot, if you exfoliate too much, this will irritate your skin and could make it sensitive.

After you shower use an aftershave astringent stone. The therapist at Core Benefits will explain how to use it correctly.


  • Mens waxing can provide numerous benefits that make it a worthwhile investment.
  • The process of men's waxing involves pulling unwanted hair from the body, such as the back, bum, crack, sack, and face.
  • Removes odour-causing bacteria and leaves skin feeling smooth and clean.
  • Yes, you might get an erection, this is normal and nothing to be ashamed of or concerned about.
  • The discomfort fade's in seconds.
  • Waxing is for anyone that wants to put their best foot forward.
  • It is important not to have less than 5mm of hair growth.
  • It is important to exfoliate and keep clean afterward.
  • And most important, it feels f*&king amazing.


If you have been thinking about hair removal for a while, jump in balls deep and try it, you will be impressed at how different it feels.

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