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Top Hairstyles for Men - Find Your Perfect Look!

Finding the perfect hairstyle for men can be a challenging task. With so many different hairstyle options, it can be hard to know which hairstyle best fits your lifestyle and personality. From long-length hairstyles to short haircuts, fades, undercuts, and, of course, the infamous Mullet - there are so many hairstyles to choose from. And on top of this is facial hair. We will go through the top five styles that are in for 2023, straight from our barbers.


Men's permed mullet. Hairstyles for men. Core Benefits Toowoomba

The Mullet With A Permed Twist!

The mullet haircut is a blast from the past hairstyle for men, and it was making a massive comeback in 2022, but in 2023 it is coming with a twist, the permed mullet. The mullet hairstyle traditionally consists of having long hair at the back with the sides clippered and the top blended. This hairstyle gives off an edgy yet trendy look that can be styled to give you the perfect balance between business in the front and party at the back styles. Whether you choose to keep your mullet natural or have it permed to add curls, either way, you will turn heads.

 Hairstyles for men. The skin fade barber haircut. barber toowoomba, barber near me

The Skin Fade!

The men's skin fade is still one of the hottest hairstyles in 2023. It features a high or low contrast between the top and sides, with the sides gradually fading to the skin at the shortest point. This hairstyle is perfect for those looking for something modern and edgy yet professional enough to be worn in any setting. This style gives men a really clean and maintained look, it shows a man that takes pride in their appearance. The skin fade haircut works exceptionally well on thick hair as it gives texture and definition to an otherwise flat hairstyle. But on the flip side, it works just as well when you're thinning on top when you bring the fade up higher. With its versatile look, this hairstyle can be changed depending on your mood and occasion.


Hairstyles for men. Men's clipper cut, Core Benefits Toowoomba

The Clipper Cut!

The men's clipper cut hairstyle is a classic and timeless hairstyle that has been popular for many years. The difference we are seeing for 2023 is the tapering of the cut around the edges, taking it from a crew cut to a style that looks tough, stylish, and hot. It features short sides with similar if not the same length on top, giving you the perfect balance of modern and vintage styles. The clipper cut hairstyle is easy to maintain and looks great in any setting - from formal events to casual days out. The men's clipper-cut hairstyle will help you stand out from the crowd!


French Crop Haircut for men. Hairstyles for men. barber near me. barber toowoomba. toowoomba barber 

The French Crop!

The men's french crop haircut is a quirky hairstyle that has been popular in England for the last 5 years. It features short sides with slightly longer hair on top with the fringe cut straight across. The french crop hairstyle is easy to style and looks trendy in any setting. With its sharp yet soft look, this hairstyle can be changed depending on your mood or occasion. Whether you choose to keep it natural or add some texture with styling products, whichever route you decide to take, you will be sure to make an impression!


The Curtain Undercut hairstyle for men. A barber haircut. Barber toowoomba, toowoomba barber and a barber near me

Curtain Undercut!

The men's curtain undercut hairstyle is still up there for 2023's. It features a dramatic contrast between the top and sides, with the sides, shaved letting the hair above fall down and the top parted in the middle. This style is great in summer as it can you are keeping the hair on the sides off your ears, while still having length on top. It can also be sleeked back or if long enough you could tie it up in a top knot. The curtain undercut hairstyle is perfect for those looking for something modern and is popular with the younger generations.

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