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Massage At Core Benefits Toowoomba - Core Benefits Toowoomba

Why A Massage At Core Benefits Toowoomba Is Different!

Massage in Toowoomba can be the “same-same”, so what makes us superior to the rest?

After a massage treatment with a new client, we often hear, “wow, I have never had a massage like that in Toowoomba, Brisbane, or anywhere else. At Core Benefits Toowoomba, we assess the whole body and try to work out the best massage treatment for you. This often means mixing styles and not just working on the area you may feel pain. 

For example, lower back pain will more often than not come from the hips and psoas, yet run-of-mill massage clinics, won’t touch these areas, as they are close to your “bits”. However, if they are not worked on, you will leave not feeling any better. Neck pain will often come from the muscle connecting to the collar bone, yet, I have never been to another massage therapist that works on this area either.

Psoas muscle massage toowoomba

Neck Muscle Image, massage Toowoomba

Other facts that make Core Benefits Toowoomba massage different.

  • We do and combined many different massage styles, lomi lomi massage, therapeutic massage, sports massage, remedial massage, deep tissue massage, and dry needling.
  • You can have your treatment in your birthday suit, in fact, this makes it a lot easy for us to work on your body.
  • We work within the realms of your comfort.
  • We supply shower facilities, so you can leave feeling fresh and not greasy.
  • We listen to your wants and needs.
  • Core Benefits Toowoomba is a place of no judgment.
  • The massage table is custom-made for comfort and to enhance the massage treatment.
  • Core Benefits Toowoomba has a return client rate of 89% and 150 + 5-star reviews on Google and Facebook

Working together with you and your need, we encourage communication with our therapist, whether it is emotional, physical, or both so we can get the best outcome for you. At Core Benefits Toowoomba, we are passionate about massage and men’s health. Before your first treatment, you will be required to fill out a consultation form, it is important that this is done so we can treat you best. 

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Core Benefits Toowoomba

23 Albert Street,
Toowoomba City, Qld, 4350

Phone: 0488175308

Mon - Fri: 9:00am - 5:30pm
Saturday: 9:00am - 1:00pm
Sunday: Closed

We value your time, which is why we operate on an appointment-only basis so we can ensure you have a hassle-free experience.

After hours appointments are available for body treatments.

Barber appointments are available during business hours only.