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17 Best Hairstyles For Men - Core Benefits Toowoomba

17 Best Hairstyles For Men 2022

Guys should always consider their face and head shape before choosing cuts and styles. 

Men's cuts and styles. For starters, most popular hairstyles for guys today come with a fade. Afterwards, good haircuts for a high forehead can range from a bald head, buzz cut and fringe to a side part, comb over, slick back, and blowout.

Skilled barbers are also good at taking your hair type into consideration. Haircuts for men with curly, wavy and thin hair can require special cutting and styling methods. Let’s explore the top haircuts for guys!


Caesar Cut toowoomba barber

Caesar Cut

The Caesar cut is a great low-maintenance hairstyle that can flatter any head shape. Named after Julius Caesar, this short haircut is often combined with a taper fade on the sides and a short fringe in the front. The Caesar is then styled by brushing the hair on top forward to cover up and reduce the forehead.

This stylish cut works well with a receding hairline and all hair types, including thin hair. Just use a matte pomade for a textured finish that will give your hairstyle a naturally fuller look.


Buzz cut men's hairstyle barber barbershop toowoomba

Buzz Cut

The buzz cut is one of the best short haircuts for men. In particular, the buzz cut fade is a masculine look that’s easy to get and painless to style. The trick with this hairstyle is to minimize the contrast between the hair on the sides and top by blending the hairline.

To get a buzz cut, ask your barber for a high skin fade on the sides and back with a #1, #2, or #3 cut on the top. The haircut number you request depends on how short you want the hair to be.

Modern and simple, the buzz cut looks cool and sleek if you have the right face shape for it.


French Crop Men's Hairstyle Haircut Barbershop Barber Toowoomba

French Crop

The French crop has come to be of the hottest men’s hair trends in recent years. The crop top haircut is distinguished by short, tapered hair on the sides and back with bangs hanging over the forehead. The cropped front can be cut choppy, straight, short or long.

By leaving the fringe long, you have the option of either brushing the hair forward and letting it fall over your forehead or sweeping it to the side. Bold and modern, the French crop fade looks best with a natural, textured finish on top.


Side Swept Undercut Toowoomba Barber Barbershop Men's Hair Style

Side Swept Undercut

A side swept undercut is a stylish hairstyle that adds unique panache. With an undercut haircut on the sides and back, you’ll need short to medium length hair on top. Specifically, make sure to leave the fringe longer.

To style the side swept undercut with bangs, use matte styling products for a natural, textured touch. Sweep the front to one side to achieve an angular fringe that is perfect for a big forehead. Equal parts cool and casual, this fresh look can be styled messy, loose, or clean for a very adaptable finish.


Crew Cut Toowoomba Barber Barbershop

Crew Cut

The crew cut is one of the most classic styles for men. Slightly longer than a buzz cut, the crew cut hairstyle is often paired with a taper fade haircut on the sides. Timeless and masculine, this clean style is appropriate for many face and head shapes.

With buzzed sides and a short length on top, you’ll be able to style your hair in any way that feels good for blokes with large foreheads. Some men choose to smooth the hair down and spike or sweep the front to keep things simple, whereas others use hair products to add messy texture.

Clean Shaved Bald Head

Clean Shaved Bald Head

A bald head can be a great style for a high forehead because it shaves the hairline altogether. Without a hairline to tell you where the forehead begins and ends, a shaved head is a soft, smooth yet sleek cut.

For an extra manly look, grow and groom a beard. A bald head with a full beard is also a stylish rugged style for men who are balding or have thinning hair. The best part is you can use hair clippers and shave your head at home easily.


Fringe Toowoomba Barber Barbershop


A long fringe can be a clever style for guys with big foreheads or a receding hairline. Short or long, the fringe hairstyle hides and makes your forehead look smaller. Start with a taper or undercut fade on the sides, and leave the hair on top and in the front longer and layered.

Layers provide a new element that enhance volume and flow. To style, let your fringe fall over your forehead. Choppy, angular or straight, keep the styling light with a cream or mousse that helps movement.

Trendy and good-looking, the men’s fringe hairstyle works for all hair types, lengths and styles. Whether you have thick, thin, straight, wavy or curly hair, bangs can play well with your look.


Military Cut Toowoomba Barber Barbershop

Military Cut

Military haircuts can suit men with different face shapes, forehead sizes, hair textures, length, and styles. One of the most popular military cuts is the high and tight fade. Adaptable yet sexy, this hairstyle comes with a mid or high skin fade to minimize your hairline.

With longer hair on top, the cut draws attention to the style instead of your forehead. Choose to part your hair on the side or go for the messy look depending on your preferences. This haircut is great because it’s minimal effort yet highly attractive (I mean, look at Ryan Reynolds).


Long and Layered Men's Hair Cut Toowoomba Barber Barbershop

Long and Layered

Women love men with long hair. This easy and effortless long hairstyle for guys looks sexy, especially if you want to use it to cover up your forehead. Whether you want a medium-length haircut or a longer style, you’ll want to have shorter hair in the front to complement your face.

Use a clay to style and control your hair. A Clay Pomade will also enhance texture while minimizing frizz. Moreover, you can wear shaggy long hair soft and handsome or edgy and grungy.


Choppy Crop Top Fade Mens Hair Cut Toowoomba Barber Barbershop

Choppy Crop Top Fade

Choppy bangs go naturally with a crop top fade. The crop top haircut starts with very short hair all around, and is highlighted by a fade on the sides and back. Instead of a uniform length across the front, a choppy fringe can deliver flair and a unique style.

Jagged and hot, men’s bangs can be a cool haircut for a big forehead that doesn’t draw attention to the facial feature. Instead, guys end up pulling off a trending hairstyle.

Side Part Men's Hair Cut Toowoomba Barber Barbershop

Side Part

Highlight your hair with a classy side part. Perfect for men who prefer clean and professional haircuts, the modern side part comes paired with a nice taper, fade or undercut on the sides. For a fresh take, feature a line up with a hard part and facial hair.

When styling, part the hair to one side. Leave it traditional and flat, loose and lifted, and/or consider letting some of your hair in front fall over your forehead to create a short fringe.


Short and Messy Men's Hair Cut Toowoomba Barber Barbershop

Short and Messy

Work with what you’ve got and go for the short and messy look. Short hairstyles are quick and easy. Apply a pomade, wax or clay evenly throughout and then push your hair forward or back and up.

Keep the style loose and tousled, letting your hair go in all natural directions. The messy styling can either divert attention from the size of your forehead or be brushed forward enough to shield just enough of your hairline.


Textured Hairstyles Men's Haircut Toowoomba Barber Barbershop

Textured Hairstyles

When your hair has natural volume and texture, it looks thicker and fuller. Textured hairstyles are universally flattering but are particularly well-suited for men with thin or thinning hair.

Fortunately, you can technically texturize all the top men’s haircuts. The right matte styling products will have a thickening effect. Leverage the extra depth into a stylish finish.


Bowl Cut Men's Haircut Toowoomba Barber Barbershop


Bowl Cut

The bowl cut, also known as a mushroom haircut, is definitely a little boy’s hairstyle that has been making a comeback for guys. Ideal for guys with long or wide foreheads, bowl haircuts are achieved by cutting hair in a straight line and one-length all around the head.

The modern variation can include tapered sides and back, but the front and hair on top are uniform. Similar to a French crop, this is a bold, fashion-forward look but the style definitely isn’t for everyone.


Brushed Up Hairstyle Men's Haircut Toowoomba Barber Barbershop

Brushed Up Hairstyle

Men who have naturally straight thick hair look great with a brushed up hairstyle. While a brush up doesn’t hide your forehead, it elongates your head shape to balance out the size.

With more volume and height on top, a guys large forehead looks smaller in comparison. Plus, spiked or brushed back styles allow you to enjoy some of the best short sides, long top haircuts. To brush up men’s hair, make sure to apply a strong pomade.


Spiky Hair Hairstyle Men's Haircut Toowoomba Barber Barbershop

Spiky Hair

Spiky hairstyles for men have continued to be stylish and sexy. The coolest version is the spiky hair fade that is then styled with thick, textured spikes. Gone are the days of using gel and exposing the scalp. Instead, a quality matte styling product will give you the perfect, clean finish.

Much like the brush up, spiky styles deliver volume and height to add dimension. The result is your forehead looks smaller and more proportionate compared to the rest of your head.


Blowout Fade Hairstyle Men's Haircut Toowoomba Barber Barbershop

Blowout Fade

The blowout fade is another trending hairstyle for big forehead men. If spiked or brushed up hair doesn’t do it for you, the blowout taper haircut could be the textured modern style for your look.

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