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Why Do Barbers Use Hot Towels When Doing Haircuts?

Barbers in Europe in the 15th century were also surgeons, dentists, and blood-letters.

Men's hairstyles are becoming more and more dynamic, which is why men pay a lot of money to their barber for having them cut and look after them properly. One thing most barbers usually do is use hot towels on the face before cutting hair. This relates back to European barbers in the early 1500s.

There are stories of barbers in Europe in the 15th century were also surgeons, dentists, and blood-letters. Since they had so many different jobs, men usually visited them when they were sick or needed to have a tooth pulled. This is because having medical attention was very expensive for most people at the time, so they would go to the barber who could do a variety of things for them.

barber toowoomba hot towel shave

As barbers began getting more specialized, they started to focus on hair-cutting and styling. This is when they began using hot towels on their clients' faces. It was believed that the heat from the towel would soften the beard hair and make it easier to cut. It would also help to open up the pores on the face and allow the barber to get a closer shave.

Nowadays, many barbers still use hot towels before cutting hair, even though it is not really necessary. Some people believe that it just makes them feel more pampered and relaxed, which is why they continue to get the service. Some people also believe that it helps to open up the pores, which can give a person a better haircut, but this is not always the case. It has been proven that hot towels will not help with men's long beards.

Hot towel at the end of your men's haircut toowoomba

There is something special about the hot towels that barbers use that give you that ahh moment, a moment of relaxation and letting go. It's a moment when all the troubles of the world seem to disappear and all that matters is the barber's hands as they move around your head, cutting away at the day. For a brief moment, all you feel is the warmth of the towel and the weight of the world on your shoulders.

Whether it's because of the history behind it or simply because of the pampering effect, the hot towel shave is still a popular service among men. If you're looking to relax and escape from reality for a bit, then be sure to ask your barber for a hot towel shave. You won't regret it.

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