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Core Benefits Signature Lomi Lomi Massage Toowoomba.

A traditional Hawaiian Massage

Lomi Lomi Massage is a traditional Hawaiian massage and also known as loving hands massage. Therapist combines massage techniques, breathing, nut oils and dance to restore soothing and energy. Furthermore, this message is based on the Huna philosophy. This massage works deeply into your muscles with flowing strokes. The continuous deep massage relaxes and gives in to the nurturing touch of the recipient. The Lomi Lomi massage session begins by placing hands on the recipient and staying still for a while. The therapist might ask the client to take deep breaths, as it helps you to relax.

This massage works from the thinking that our memories are not only stored in the mind and brain but also in cells of our body. The traditional and continuous strokes techniques are designed to let you go of any worries causing strain and stress. Lomi Lomi massage is a healing experience and harmonizes the mind, body and spirit. It is more than just a physical massage and has a positive impact on our entire body. It also reduces stress and improves flexibility. Furthermore, it balances the body and mind. Once you experience Lomi Lomi massage, you will prefer no other traditional massage again.

How does Lomi Lomi Massage work?

Some sort of meditation exercise or breathing is used to start Lomi Lomi massages. This helps to prepare a client for the healing powers of Lomi Lomi. Client's experience Long and sweeping strokes. The overall message process helps to improve the circulation. The key feature of this message is the focus on the spine and therapist throughout the entire massage, often creating spinal movement. Furthermore, Lomi Lomi massage also places emphasis on your abdomen. The objective of using different techniques is to help your body revitalize your organs, re-energize itself and improve digestion. It is a unique type of massage that focuses on optimizing health rather than relaxation.

​Benefits of Lomi Lomi Massage

There are many benefits associated with Lomi Lomi massage therapy. This massage can cure several health conditions and imbalances. Because of attention around the joints and fluid like movements of hands helps to break down any blocked energy in your body that may be experienced mentally or physically. Following are the proven benefits of this therapy:

  • Removes toxins
  • Helps to increase blood circulation
  • Muscle pain relieving
  • Chances of stroke are reduced
  • Helpful for building up muscles
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Reduce headache, tension and migraines
  • Improve skin appearance and health
  • Increase metabolic rate
  • And much more...

This treatment or therapy takes the recipient to a state of stillness and relaxation. Furthermore, it also frees your mind from blockage and enables your mind to stabilize to face alternative possibilities. Also, another process known as the cleaning process takes place that helps in cleaning up the body, releasing toxins, healing pain, releasing body tension and boost your immune system.

Looking to receive Lomi Lomi massage from a professional practitioner, contact us. At Core Benefits, we offer Lomi Lomi Massage Toowoomba. To learn about more books our service.

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