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"My cuts will get you all the girls".


I’m Jonte from Core Benefits. I began my barbering journey in mid-2023, so it has been been long time (not). My desire to become a barber has been growing for quite some time. Watching numerous videos online ignited this passion in me.

My aim is perfection in every cut I deliver and I'm learn the skill fast. But that's just the type of man I am! I strive to make my clients feel like they're getting a cut from a friend or buddy rather than just ya shopping centre barber. My go-to hairstyle? A curly low taper with a curly top and back. I'm not a fan of straight low tapers – they just don't resonate with my sense of style.

After my very first lesson at TAFE, I knew barbering was my calling. I love the entire vibe of the profession. Traveling and observing different techniques and hairstyles from various countries greatly enriches my work. Being a barber isn't just a job to me – it's about the bonds I forge with my clients and the laid-back, tattooed culture that comes with it.

Warwick, my boss, and buddy is an incredible person to work alongside. He's more of a friend than a boss. He genuinely seems just as invested in and cares about our community than just his business. While it might be unconventional to say, that's genuinely how I feel. He is super passionate about men’s health and grooming and helping everyone. And of course, there's Ashley, my trainer and mentor. She won't hesitate to set you straight, tell you to shut up and put you in your place, but that’s alright, she has to do what she has gotta do, so I learn to be as skilled as she is.

A bit more about me? I am a hooper, so any chance I get, I will be playing basketball. My music tastes lean towards RnB, with a hint of soul. While I live by the mantra, "Live, Laugh, Love Kanye," a heads up – play Taylor Swift around me, and I might just take it personally.

If you've read this far, I'm impressed! I wouldn't blame you if you'd skipped over most of it. But genuinely, thanks for getting to know a bit about me. If you're curious to know more, swing by the barbershop. I guarantee we'll become friends fast. And hey, my haircuts? They'll boost your appeal – I assure you will get a minimum of 3 girls per cut, because “my cuts will get you all the girls”. But remember, terms and conditions apply, and there are no refunds!


Core Benefits Toowoomba

23 Albert Street,
Toowoomba City, Qld, 4350

Phone: 0488175308

Mon - Fri: 9:00am - 5:30pm
Saturday: 9:00am - 12:00pm
Sunday: Closed

We value your time, which is why we operate on an appointment-only basis so we can ensure you have a hassle-free experience.

After hours appointments are available for body treatments.

Barber appointments are available during business hours only.