Hair Removal – IPL/SHR – Mens

The latest in hair removal technology, this is the only machine of its kind in Toowoomba. IPL/SHR is gentler on the skin and the least painful method available in today’s forever growing market of permanent hair removal. It is more effective, safer way of removing unwanted hair from your body. The IPL/SHR lasers fires fast multiple shots but at lower joules, gently heating the hair follicles giving you superior and prompt results.

Super fast, painless and permanent…

We recommend a test patch 24 hours before your first treatment. Depending on your hair growth, you will need between eight – ten treatments. Your IPL/SHR treatment such be carried out every six – eight weeks to ensure that we are able to target the hair at the right time of the hair growth cycle.

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It is pain free and quick. We can even treat sensitive areas without the discomfort you might have experienced with other hair removal options.

Men’s IPL/Super Hair Reduction
Price Per Treatment
Treatment AreaSingle4 pack8 pack
Men’s Basic Bikini – IPL/SHR – Men’s$79.00$67.15$55.30
Men’s 3X Brazilian – IPL/SHR – Men’s$99.00$84.15$69.30
Men’s 4X Brazilian – IPL/SHR – Men’s$110.00$93.50$77.00
Shaft – IPL/SHR – Men’s$59.00$50.15$41.30
Sack – IPL/SHR – Men’s$59.00$50.15$41.30
Bum & Crack – IPL/SHR – Men’s$69.00$58.65$48.30
Crack – IPL/SHR – Men’s$49.00$41.65$34.30
Bum – IPL/SHR – Men’s$49.00$41.65$34.30
Treatment AreaSingle4 pack8 pack
Back, Bum & Crack – IPL/SHR – Men’s$154.00$130.90$107.80
Back, Bum, Crack & Sack – IPL/SHR – Men’s$176.00$149.60$123.20
Back, Bum, Crack & Brazilian – IPL/SHR – Men’s$176.00$149.60$123.20
Torso and Brazilian Combo – IPL/SHR – Men’s (includes X3 or X4 brazilian)$230.00$195.50$161.00
Chest, Abs and Brazilian Combo – IPL/SHR – Men’s$176.00$149.60$123.20
Torso – IPL/SHR – Men’s$176.00$149.60$123.20
Full Back – IPL/SHR – Men’s$120.00$102.00$94.00
Upper Back – IPL/SHR – Men’s$69.00$58.65$48.30
Lower Back – IPL/SHR – Men’s$69.00$58.65$48.30
Treatment AreaSingle4 pack8 pack
Chest & Abs – IPL/SHR – Men’s$120.00$102.00$94.00
Chest – IPL/SHR – Men’s$69.00$58.65$48.30
Ab – IPL/SHR – Men’s$69.00$58.65$48.30
Neck – IPL/SHR – Men’s$49.00$41.65$34.30
Full Arm – IPL/SHR – Men’s$134.00$113.90$93.80
Half Arm – IPL/SHR – Men’s$92.00$78.20$64.40
Under Arms – IPL/SHR – Men’s$29.00$24.65$20.30
Full Leg – IPL/SHR – Men’s$199.00$169.15$139.30
Upper Leg – IPL/SHR – Men’s$134.00$113.90$93.80
Lower Leg – IPL/SHR – Men’s$134.00$113.90$93.80
Feet – IPL/SHR – Men’s$49.00$41.65$34.30
Treatment AreaSingle4 pack8 pack
Eyebrow Centre – IPL/SHR – Men’s$29.00$24.65$20.30
Ears – IPL/SHR – Men’s$49.00$41.65$34.30
Beard (inc neck) – IPL/SHR – Men’s$98.00$83.30$68.60
Beard Shaping – IPL/SHR – Men’s$78.00$66.30$54.60
Full head – IPL/SHR – Men’s$99.00$84.15$69.30
Full Body Wax (excluding arms) – IPL/SHR – Men’s$349.00$296.65$244.30
Full Body Wax (including arms) – IPL/SHR – Men’s$398.00$338.30$278.60
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Our most common hair removal area’s and combo’s

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