Look after yourself this winter.

Look after yourself this winter.

Look after yourself this winter.

The trick to great grooming isn’t to spend a fortune on a million different products or to lock yourself in the bathroom and spend hours in there. You should develop a daily routine that is quick and simple.

We have some great tips for you.

Go to your barber regular, book your next appointment while you are there for roughly 4 weeks. Most men wait till their hair is too long, if you have noticed that you need a haircut, then other people have too. Having a regular place, you trust is key.

Hair products which work best for you, for thicker hair and messy styles we recommend that you use waxes and pomades, for thinner hair we recommend lighter products such as sprays and powders.  

Choose a hair style that suits your everyday routines, so if your busy and don’t have time to spend on your hair then choose a style that still looks great that doesn’t need any extra work, or if you have plenty of time and love to make yourself look good then you could you choose a more advanced style.

Sort your eyebrows out, big eyebrows aren’t a problem but if they are meeting in the middle then you have a problem. Here at Core Benefits, we can tidy them up for you.

Finally, wear sunscreen, it may seem pointless to apply it every day, but your skin will thank you for it.

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