Skin Rejuvenation – IPL – Vascular Vein Removal

There are so many treatments available using the latest laser technology that can improve our skin. Like Rosacea and Vascular Vein Removal. Rosacea which is known as redness of the cheeks or the nose, can be easily removed using laser treatment. Using IPL technology, little red veins on the chin, cheeks, or nose are eliminated. These types of spots appear on both women and men.
If you are looking to refresh your look, then IPL treatment is for you. It is a treatment that can effectively solve most common skin problems, including removing Vascular veins and sunspots. Furthermore, this treatment can apply to any part of your body. Because of having shorter sessions, it is worth considering for many people. At CoreBenefits we offer IPL treatment.

Vascular Vein Removal

No more spider veins

How Does IPL Treatment Work with

Vascular Vein Removal?

IPL stands for Intense pulsed light and it uses technology very similar to laser technology to solve skin problems and improve skin condition. In this method, a high-intensity beam of light is produced and converted into heat energy. This helps in removing unwanted areas of skin (Vascular Vein). Furthermore, new undamaged cells are produced by the natural healing process of the body. Instead of targeting surface skin, lower layers of the dermis are targeted and resulting in producing skin rejuvenation. All the results gain with no recovery time that is associated with more therapies such as lasers. Even both lasers and IPL are applied for similar reasons, but there are some technical differences between these two skin treatment methods and it is important for patients to understand.
In IPL treatment larger spectrum of light emits, on the other hand, Intense pulsed light emits only a single wavelength of light. In IPL skin treatment a broad-spectrum light is applied to the desired area using a hand-held wand such as an application device, and an unwanted area of skin is treated such as Vascular Vein. IPL treatment can be used for multiple purposes because different aspects of skin can be targeted with this treatment.

What Can an IPL Treatment Help With?

This particular skin treatment method is highly effective to treat various types of skin problems such as

  • Sun spots
  • Spider veins
  • Freckles
  • Age spots
  • Rosacea
  • Birthmarks
  • Freckles

Who Is a Good Candidate for IPL Treatment?

The ideal candidate for using this skin treatment will have untanned and light skin. Those with darker skin better to go with other treatments, like laser technology options. If you are interested to know more about Skin Rejuvenation and IPL , feel free to contact us with our professional therapist. We will be glad to answer your questions. So, contact us today for a consultation.

There will be a need for 1 to 2 sessions for skin treatment and depends on your skin condition. Furthermore, this treatment is painless for the patient and not limited to a specific part of the body.

Skin Rejuvenation – IPL – Vascular Vein Removal
Forehead – IPL – Vascular Vein Removal$89
Nose – IPL – Vascular Vein Removal$49
Cheeks – IPL – Vascular Vein Removal$98
Chin – IPL – Vascular Vein Removal$49
Full Face – IPL – Vascular Vein Removal$199
Spot Removal – IPL – Vascular Vein Removal$49 (plus $5 for each additional spot)
Legs – IPL – Vascular Vein Removal$210
Feet – IPL – Vascular Vein Removal$88

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