Skin Rejuvenation – IPL – Pigmentation Removal

Do you suffer from discoloration of the skin, broken capillaries or sun spots? Well now with IPL you can reduce the irregular colour of the skin and can make your skin tone more evenly and look brighter.

Photo rejuvenation for smoother, healthier, clearer skin

IPL flashes a gentle light on the area that is being treated to remove the skin aging changes, it breaks up or removes the brown pigment and will also stimulate the skins collagen production, so you will have younger looking skin with fewer wrinkles. It is so much gentler then laser so therefore there is no downtime, we recommend that you have three – four treatments. The brown spots will firstly darken and then they will gradually peel and flake off, which will then reveal a clearer skin, in the following few months after the treatments the skins appearance will continue to improve.

Cheeks – IPL Pigmentation Removal$65Nose – IPL Pigmentation Removal$35Chin – IPL Pigmentation Removal$35Neck – IPL Pigmentation Removal$75Half Face – IPL Pigmentation Removal$70Full Face – IPL Pigmentation Removal$150Décolletage – IPL Pigmentation Removal$120Full Face, Neck and Décolletage – IPL Pigmentation Removal$325Lower Arms – IPL Pigmentation Removal$120Full Arms – IPL Pigmentation Removal$180Upper or lower back – IPL Pigmentation Removal$150Full Back – IPL Pigmentation Removal$210

Skin Rejuvenation IPL Pigmentation Removal:
Forehead – IPL Pigmentation Removal$50

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