Spray Tan

The Perfect Tan

At Core benefits we capture what Australia is all about, summer and being tanned while the great season is here. We also love to bring that incredible natural young tradies skin colour to you every day even in the other season. We use the amazing Bondi Sands which is made and owned in Australia.

This spray tan is all about the sand, sea, sun and the lifestyle that come with it. Summer is about slipping those thongs off feeling the soft sand under your feet, and that mad dash back to your towel when the sand starts to burn. It’s about feeling at home in just a boardies, speedo’s or even naked, it’s about throwing on a shirt to go for a sunset drink afterwards and feeling hot. Enjoying the water washing over your tanned body and running back to the shore when a huge wave comes.

Perfect Sunless Tan

Bondi Sands is inspired by Australia’s most famous beach, and a desire to make an ultimate tan accessible to everyone, the salon quality formula works to give you an even, natural tan that will hydrate and nourish your skin meaning that you will stay tanned for longer.

Add a exfoliation massage before your spray tan and it will not only leave you with absolutely smooth and renewed youthful looking skin, your newly tanned body will last longer.

Men’s Spray Tan
Spray tan$35
Body exfoliation scrub and spray tan$85

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