Radio Frequency Skin Tightening For Men

Core Benefits offers the renowned radio frequency skin tightening treatment as a solution for targeting wrinkles, tied and loose skin. This is tried and tested. Clinical studies show radio frequency skin tightening to be far superior in comparison to some other skin treatments.  The consensus being that the results are apparent much quicker and are far more noticeable. It is a non-invasive treatment, with no downtime.


Non surgical, painless, no downtime

Men as they begin to age find that their skin begins to lose its elasticity, it becomes thinner, looser and begins to sag. Radio frequency skin treatments seeks to rectify this – it tightens, tones, plumps and firms the skin. Skin takes on a new clarity. It helps redefine the contours of your face and take years off your appearance.  Whether it be tightening and toning loose skin after dramatic weight loss or firming ageing skin – radio frequency skin tightening offers effective results for virtually any art of the face or body.

Our dedicated, qualified and experienced therapists offer you a tailored service. From your first initial appointment through to completion of the treatment the service you receive from us will be unparalleled.

This unique dual technology encompasses Unipolar and Bipolar radiofrequency. The radiofrequency delivers a controlled heat to volumetric tissue at two different depths. The Bipolar targets the skins outer layer and the dermis, and targets fine lines and wrinkles. The Unipolar targets the skins inner layer, helping to improve shape and firmness.

Radio frequency treatment for skin tightening at Core Benefits also speeds up the body’s metabolism and helps eliminate fat. Combined with the fat cavitation treatment, you will see a remarkable change, and all without having to have surgery.

Skin Tightening Radio Frequency
Face – Skin Tightening$132
Neck – Skin Tightening$66
Face & Neck – Skin Tightening$176
Forehead – Skin Tightening$44
Eyes – Skin Tightening$88
Décolletage – Skin Tightening$88
Jowls – Skin Tightening$66
Nasal Fold & Around Lips – Skin Tightening$88
Abdomen – Skin Tightening$88
Thighs (inner & outer) – Skin Tightening$242

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