Reflexology Massage Toowoomba

At Core Benefits, our professional Reflexology Massage will relax you, increase lymph and blood circulation, loosen tight muscles and reduce stress. Furthermore, the Overall process also helpful in speeding the healing from injuries.

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a systematic approach used to massage certain areas of the ears, hands, and feet. In this therapy, the pressure is applied to certain points on the hands and feet. These points are linked with various parts of the body, acting as sensors on the hands and feet. In order to improve energy and blood circulation, these sensors stimulated through reflexology therapy. Practitioner generally selects the suitable techniques that applied to the reflex zone, in order to gain optimized impact and efficiency. Instead of alternative therapy, it is a complementary therapy.

Modern reflexology therapy being used for 60 years. Because of the positive effects in alleviating and reducing the symptoms associated with certain diseases, it is widely used. It is helpful in returning the body system to its natural state.

Reflexology Massage Toowoomba

Reflexology Massage Toowoomba

Benefits of Reflexology Massage

Reflexology therapy has been selected by many people to treat various body health issues. It offers a high level of effectiveness and safety. Without using drugs, it offers natural treatment. Following are the benefits of treatment:

  1. No chemical and drugs used during the treatment and this make it a wide option for health problems.
  2. The treatment can effectively reduce pain.
  3. It also helps the body to maintain locomotion and dexterity ability.
  4. Treatment improves the sense of relaxation, especially tired or overused hands, and feet.
  5. It can help in reducing stress
  6. The technique can also help to ease tension
  7. The therapy is helpful for improving blood circulation.

Is reflexology suitable for hypersensitive people?

Some people feel too hypersensitive or ticklish for having this therapy, especially for their feet due to quite a sensitivity. A practitioner will hold the feet in a confident and firm manner and will apply the right amount of pressure. It also involves concise and deep hand movements. Pinpointing and thumb hooking techniques are also used. So, this technique is not designed to feel hypersensitive or ticklish.

Is Reflexology useful for everyone?

Because of complementary and non-invasive therapy, it is suitable for everyone of any age without worrying. However, it is advised for women with the first three months of pregnancy should avoid treatment.

Can reflexologists diagnose?

Reflexologists cannot diagnose problems or conditions, as it is not a medical treatment. Within the body, imbalances are thought to lead to physical problems and ailments. The treatment helps in restoring the body’s natural rhythm.

How often should I have reflexology?

A course of regular sessions is advised for those who feel reflexology helps them with certain conditions. Furthermore, for this situation, it is best for them to take full advantage of the treatment. After the first session, a treatment plan will be provided if you want to continue. Consideration such as your age, health, and what you are struggling with are taken for giving advice.

Is reflexology painful?

This particular treatment is not designed to be painful. Inducing deep relaxation is it’s only meant. However, there may be some reflexes that may be considered tenderer as compared to others. This is because of congestion in the energetic body pathway. But the blockage is removed, once treated. It enables the energy in the body to resume natural flow.

So, what for waiting? Get in touch with us for Reflexology Massage Toowoomba.

Massage – Reflexology
30 Minute Reflexology$55
45 Minute Reflexology$77

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