Massage remedial and sports women

Remedial, sports and deep tissue massage is usually specific to the affected area. Nerve endings are stimulated as we apply remedial techniques to ‘unravel the knots’ that have formed as a result of the muscle fibres shortening and tightening. We don’t like to cause to much discomfort and will alter our techniques to get the best effect. Be always sure to communicate with us so that we can then adapt the pressure and massage techniques to a level that is comfortable for you.

Undo those knots

These therapy’s are also very effective at treating injuries, it entails a more complete massage that works with all of the muscles in the body. We maintain a firm, but gentle pressure while we work with each of the muscle groups. As each area becomes more relaxed, it decreases the tightening effect that it has had on the next area until eventually, the whole musculoskeletal system can work as one again.

Massage – Remedial and Sports
30 Minute Remedial Massage$44
45 Minute Remedial Massage$66
60 Minute Remedial Massage$88
75 Minute Remedial Massage$110
90 Minute Remedial Massage$132

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