Hair Removal – IPL/SHR – Womens

This is the latest treatment in hair removal technology. It is a non-painful method available, it is gentler on your skin, leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth and it is more effective in removing that unwanted hair. IPL/SHR lasers fires multiple shots but at a lower joule, this gently heats the hair follicles producing a warm tingling sensation.

Relax and take time out

We recommend having a test patch 24hours before the treatment and depending on the client have about six – ten treatments every four weeks, to ensure that we are able to target the hair at the right time of the hair growth cycle. When the hair regrowth cycle slows down you will be able to extend the treatments to every six – eight weeks.



Permanent hair removal – IPL/SHR – Women
Centre of Eyebrow – IPL/SHR – Women$44
Upper Lip – IPL/SHR – Women$44
Lip and Chin – IPL/SHR – Women$66
Chin – IPL/SHR – Women$44
Side of Face/Cheeks – IPL/SHR – Women$66
Full Face – IPL/SHR – Women$110
Neck (Front or Back) – IPL/SHR – Women$44
Underarms – IPL/SHR – Women$66
Areola – IPL/SHR – Women$88
Half Arms – IPL/SHR – Women$66
Full Arms – IPL/SHR – Women$110
Hands and Fingers – IPL/SHR – Women$66
Stomach – IPL/SHR – Women$66
Snail Trail – IPL/SHR – Women$44
Bikini – IPL/SHR – Women$66
Brazilian (includes anus)$88
Bum (cheeks only) – IPL/SHR – Women$66
1/2 Legs upper or lower – IPL/SHR – Women$110
1/4 Legs – IPL/SHR – Women$66
Full Legs (inc feet) – IPL/SHR – Women$154
Feet and Toes – IPL/SHR – Women$66
Full Body – IPL/SHR – Women$418


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