Dry Needling Toowoomba

Dry needling is a fast-growing modern treatment that eases muscular pain. Now many therapists in Australia are trained to use acupuncture needles to treat their client’s pain. So, finding Dry Needling in Toowoomba not difficult. In the dry needling process, a therapist inserts various filiform needles into the skin. Filiform needles are short, fine, and stainless steel needles. They do not inject fluid into your body. Therefore, the term dry is used for this process.

Needless placed in “trigger points” in tissue or muscle by practitioners. Dry needling helps in releasing the knot and relieve muscle pain. For a short period, needles remain in the skin. How much time they will remain in your skin, depends on the practitioner.

How does dry needling work? Is it helpful? We know that these are important questions. So, let discuss why dry needling can be a thing you need to feel all new and shiny.

Dry Needling Toowoomba

                                        Dry Needling Toowoomba

Dry Needling is Well-known to relieve with:

It provides immediate relief, as deactivation of the trigger points results in immediate relief from pain. During each treatment, we can treat many trigger points using no drugs. We can treat a deeper layer of muscle that our fingers and hands cannot reach.

  • Neck paining
  • Joint dysfunction
  • Migraines
  • Tennis elbow
  • Low back pain
  • Sciatica
  • And More

Benefits of Dry Needling Therapy

Get Rid of Pain and Muscle Tightness

Due to targeting trigger points, dry needling considers an effective way to reduce pain in a specific body area. For example, if you are suffering from neck or shoulder pain, the needle will be inserted into the detected trigger points by the therapist. The needle will release inflammation, tension, pressure, and chemicals in the muscles that caused the pain. The result will be instant pain relief.

Improved Range of Motion

This process is helpful for improving the overall movement of an injury. We know that for athletes, the key to success is to have a full range of motion. The athlete is constantly on move and has fluid movement as well. So, dry needling also helpful in this cause. Let us again take the example of the shoulder. If you are a baseball player, definitely you will need a full range of motion in your shoulder and it is important for throwing the football. Because of the constant throwing of baseball, a lot of pressure and stress put on shoulders. It is very important to reduce muscle tightness for relaxing muscles. Dry needling help to overcome this situation and reduce the pain resulting in an overall improvement in the function of your shoulder.

Speeds up Recovery

The longest and worst part definitely is the recovery process once anyone suffers an injury. Yes, it is well known, some injuries need a longer period for recovery and some take less time. But overall we all wished to get back as soon as possible to full strength. Dry needling also helps in the healing process and speeds up the recovery.

Dry Needling
30 Minute Dry needling Treatment$67.00
45 Minute Dry Needling Treatment$86.00
60 Minute Dry Needling Treatment$105.00

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