Waxing is not a luxury it is a necessity!

Waxing is not a luxury it is a necessity!

Waxing is not a luxury it is a necessity!

This post is intended to ease the worries of any of you gentlemen that are nervous about waxing. We would like you to know that any of the services you are interested in are perfectly safe and normal. For many years now men have been removing their body hair for a few reasons, such as being athletic or just a desire to feel sexier. In fact, male waxing has become very popular but not a lot of salons offer men’s grooming, but here at Core Benefits we offer a great range of male waxing and take pride in doing it. Many men are choosing to wax over any other hair removal, it is less irritation than shaving and waxing last a lot longer as well. Waxing also thins out your hair but is not permanent so if you change your mind and want to grow your hair back you can.

Some great benefits of male waxing are; you’ll have less body odour, body hair absorbs perspiration, even after a shower and using soaps odour will build up again, but if your hair is removed, body odour cannot be absorbed and retained. Waxing also removes dead skin cells, in result you will have more attractive and younger looking skin. Waxing removes your entire hair from the root of your skin which then prevents stubble, so there is a lesser chance of you getting ingrown hair. Your hair will regrow back finer and softer. With constant hair waxing, it weakens the hair follicles and reduces its viability. The more you wax the less pain you will feel, after regular waxing sessions with a therapist the pain will gradually decrease.

Please do not attempt waxing yourself at home, it can be painful and will take you a long time, as you do not know what you are doing there are special techniques. Going to a professional will help you save time and keep you smooth looking for longer.

Once you have waxed your hair growth will start anywhere from 4-6 weeks, since waxing is removing your hair from the follicle. You can book an appointment with us here at Core Benefits and you will be in very good hands.

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