Skin Rejuvenation IPL Acne women treatment

Do you suffer from acne? Well there is no reason to be ashamed, it is very common in adolescents and in some adults. Pain free, no downtime and without any drugs, sounds amazing right? Well now it is achievable with the latest technology and that now people have more of an understanding about acne it is achievable to have your skin feeling and looking amazing. This is a safe treatment that destroys the bacteria that causes acne, with a UV light that sends pulses threw your skin and kills the bacteria in the acne.

Blemish free skin

Skin Rejuvenation- IPL – Acne Treatment
Forehead – IPL – Acne Treatment$45
Cheeks – IPL – Acne Treatment$60
Nose – IPL – Acne Treatment$30
Chin – IPL – Acne Treatment$30
Half face – IPL – Acne Treatment$100
Full Face – IPL – Acne Treatment$150
Neck – IPL – Acne Treatment$75
Décolletage – IPL – Acne Treatment$120
Full Face, neck & Décolletage – IPL – Acne Treatment$320

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