Core Benefits Toowoomba

Everything we do at Core Benefits is because we believe that you deserve superior personalised services to achieve your health, beauty and grooming desires. We believe in only providing the best services that we can deliver, staying at the forefront of our industry. We believe in creating an environment where you can feel comfortable and totally relaxed. And we believe in conveying a professional relaxed image that embraces honesty, integrity, compassion and concern for your wants and needs.

Staff of Core Benefits Toowoomba massage male waxing

I established Core Benefits in 2003

Core Benefits provides a range of holistic services that embraces your well-being. We consider that providing an atmosphere where you can feel comfortable and totally relaxed, gives you the maximum benefits from all our services. We deliberately provide this environment, as we recognise that most people don’t wish to be exposed to the discomfort of a shopping centre salon or spa. Core Benefits operates by appointment only, so our attention is on you and not who may be waiting.